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How Balance Club / Culture Festival – Web Edtion works: We publish the contributions according to ⤵︎ the timetable on this website. 
From 20⁠–24 May, our website will feature DJ sets, lectures, multimedia texts, workshops, artist talks, audio-visual works and artistic fashion-pieces. As a grand finale, we will release our Balance-Sampler “Various Artists – Tender Squads” on festival Sunday and, admittedly, fulfill our own long standing wish. The Balance Club / Culture Festival sees itself as an interface between club culture and social critique. All contributions of the festival “Tender Squads” address the question which constellations and alliances can be imagined for the emancipatory potential of a different world to unfold? Which alliances do we want to form and where do we have to insist on difference for our alternatives to be viable? What form of (feminist) care and support do we need for each other right now? Together with you we want to find out, more urgently than ever, how we can maximally destabilize structural inequalities.

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Balance Sampler:
Tender Squad –
Various Artists

feat. Various Artists

Club Program

Moesha13, Kelman Duran, Kablam,
TSVI, Animistic Beliefs, Tadleeh
ABOGAR, Ana Bogner & Karam Saad,
Avbvrn, Lamb Kebab & Doll Face

Balance has invited DJs and producers who would have played at the festival to contribute a track to the first Balance sampler compilation. The festival stands for being devoted to the various genres of contemporary club music, an aspect equally reflected on the sampler: Hard-Drum, Rap, Electro and Breakbeat, local Acts and exciting international music projects.

This release is part of the Balance Club / Culture Festival — Web Edition 2020. Mastered by Lorenz Lindner at MADPREMIUM Mastering. Artwork & Design by Anja Kaiser. Picture by Rachel De La Torre.

 ⤵︎Follow this Link to get the whole release on Bandcamp.

Balance Club Culture Festival and this release is funded by SHAPE Platform [Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe], Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Initiative Musik, Stadt Leipzig, depart.one and Telekom Electronic Beats.