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How Balance Club / Culture Festival – Web Edtion works: We publish the contributions according to ⤵︎ the timetable on this website. 
From 20⁠–24 May, our website will feature DJ sets, lectures, multimedia texts, workshops, artist talks, audio-visual works and artistic fashion-pieces. As a grand finale, we will release our Balance-Sampler “Various Artists – Tender Squads” on festival Sunday and, admittedly, fulfill our own long standing wish. The Balance Club / Culture Festival sees itself as an interface between club culture and social critique. All contributions of the festival “Tender Squads” address the question which constellations and alliances can be imagined for the emancipatory potential of a different world to unfold? Which alliances do we want to form and where do we have to insist on difference for our alternatives to be viable? What form of (feminist) care and support do we need for each other right now? Together with you we want to find out, more urgently than ever, how we can maximally destabilize structural inequalities.

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Visual Set:
Carbon Dehydrate +
Vanessa Opoku

Club Program

New collaboration. For Balance Club / Culture Festival – Web Edition Leipzig-based DJ-duo Carbon Dehydrate teams up with visual artist Vanessa Opoku.

Carbon Dehydrate is a collaboration between the Leipzig-based DJs XVII (IfZ, Balance) and gal (Feat. Fem, Balance). While XVII is known for his admiration for heavy bass lines and trance-oriented melodies combined with cute RnB mash-ups and breaks, gal brings the booty to the bass by mixing deconstructed pop-samples with bangers ranging from Ballroom to Jersey, from bass breaks to shaky beats.

Vanessa Opoku is a visual artist and DJ, living and working in Berlin. By means of  film and photography, animation, 3D scanning and AI, her work explores the borderlands of mixed reality.