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How Balance Club / Culture Festival – Web Edtion works: We publish the contributions according to ⤵︎ the timetable on this website. 
From 20⁠–24 May, our website will feature DJ sets, lectures, multimedia texts, workshops, artist talks, audio-visual works and artistic fashion-pieces. As a grand finale, we will release our Balance-Sampler “Various Artists – Tender Squads” on festival Sunday and, admittedly, fulfill our own long standing wish. The Balance Club / Culture Festival sees itself as an interface between club culture and social critique. All contributions of the festival “Tender Squads” address the question which constellations and alliances can be imagined for the emancipatory potential of a different world to unfold? Which alliances do we want to form and where do we have to insist on difference for our alternatives to be viable? What form of (feminist) care and support do we need for each other right now? Together with you we want to find out, more urgently than ever, how we can maximally destabilize structural inequalities.

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Discourse Program

All the more in times of crisis, solidarity-based alliances are the backbone of emancipatory practice. But what can such alliances look like? How can one be or remain capable of acting collectively? When does it make sense to insist, to not give in, on one’s own position and reject all too broad alliances? And what about bad alliances? The “FORUM ALLYSHIP” wants to explore what practical options for action, critical self-reflection and views beyond the own bubble our Tender Squads can learn from to be good allies. In the frame of thinking about alliances, the focus is not only on the question of intentional and unintentional collaborations, tensions between autonomous structures and institutions, sub and high culture or the way we organize ourselves. What is needed in order to enable real solidarity among each other and not reproduce social inequality structures in our relationships, groups or events, is on the one hand an intensive self-education about one’s own roles and privileges and on the other hand a practice in being a good ally. The workshop “Let’s talk about Alliances” with Arpana Aischa Berndt and Mine Wenzel is a platform to analyse together  intersectional aspects of social, political and cultural inequalities and discriminations, focusing on alliances between people affected by different forms of discrimination. In conversation with the two workshop facilitators and Balance team member Ulla Heinrich, the question will be discussed how we imagine the Tender Squads of the future and what we need for them. Additionally, Anisha Müller’s “FemmeFitness Workshop” alternates between the analysis of dance and movement as an intersectional political strategy and sweaty and empowering moves.